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The pieces fit.

It's actually incredible to see how much of a positive impact certain experiences can have on us - especially those things that we never expected would make such a big difference. 

My most recent experience with this was last week during BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) training, where I experienced some serious shifts in my mindset and abilities.
First Session

In the first session last week, we learned a technique which required us to stand from kneeling, without using our arms to help us up, and while our training partner had us in 'closed guard' (on their back in front of you, with their legs wrapped around your waist, and their feet locked together). So, this meant we were having to try to lift our own weight with our training partner attached to us at the same time. 
Because I carry the majority of my excess weight around my middle, and I'm still working on building my muscle strength for moves like this, I'd not yet had much luck being able to stand from kneeling w…