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This tedious path.

I won't lie. Some days I become very weary and tired of fighting this bullshit inside my own head.
It becomes tedious.
But, once I recognise I'm in this space, I kick my own ass with a bit of tough self-love, remind myself that I actually did this to myself, and that until I fix the problem I don't have the luxury of even considering resting or giving up.
I know there are people that disagree with this approach, but this works for me. (If this doesn't work for you and will only make you feel worse, then obviously don't do this!)
I won't wallow in self-pity - although, I will allow myself a few moments of whinging.
About a month ago, I came home hungry, tired, and over it. And I said to my husband "am I skinny yet? I'm hungry!" We both had a laugh, which pulled me out of the minor moment of self-pity I was feeling, and then carried on with my day. (And no, of course this journey isn't about being 'skinny', (even my goal weight wouldn&…