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Weight Loss Milestone - 70kgs/154lbs lost.

Last week I finally hit my next weight loss milestone. That last kilo had been a particularly stubborn one, but I'm noticing that much more these days - the plateaus appear to be more frequent. I've now lost 70kgs/154lbs so far. Since this is the first time I've blogged about hitting a milestone, I'll explain some of the process and thoughts that occur each time I hit another milestone. Firstly, when I hit a milestone, I know that I need to take some time to consider where I've been, how far I've come, and what's next. Sometimes there's a lot of pride, and sometimes there's a lot of shame. Sometimes it's a mixture of both. That's just how it goes. I don't wallow in self-pity about the fact that the negative thoughts can be so much louder than the positive ones, because it just is what it is - and bit by bit I fight against them. The negative thoughts typically come through quite quickly after, usually, a few tears of jo