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Where to begin.

So, what’s different about my story compared to the 7+ billion others out there? Lots. Nothing. Something. It doesn’t really matter - because I just need to write this and hope that, through this process to support my own growth and transformation, it also finds people who can benefit from my story. I’m a very private and introverted person, and I live in my head - a lot. So the thought of sharing anything about my life beyond the well-defined confines of my comfort zone (and particularly in sharing about the personal topics I will be writing about) causes some fairly significant discomfort. But me and my discomfort are actually not what’s most important here.  What matters the most is you.  The reason I’m sharing my story is because I hope it can help you in some way. Of course this also serves as a tool for my own healing. And while there are plenty of alternative (and much more private) ways for me to continue with my healing journey, I just couldn’t get