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I'm still not really sure who she is.

She looks back at me every day, but she's different now.

It started a few years ago. She started changing, and I knew we were drifting apart. She catches my glance every so often and the thoughts rush through my head. I know she's trying to understand as well. What's happened to her? What happened to me?

She's different to what my eyes see. She's different to my memories and my perception.

She's lost that deep sadness from her eyes. She's got smile lines now.

If I made her so unhappy, then why were we such a perfect match? So perfectly destructive together. Codependency made in heaven. 

I know she still sees me there, placed into the background of her life. I know she still feels and hears me, but she also listens to others now. She's become intoxicated by the offerings of others - the ones she calls 'supportive' and 'kindred spirits'.

I don't care how good they make her feel. Why can't we…